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Prayer Request

Complete the form below for prayer requests.


Use the questions below to help guide how much information to share:

  1. Whose story is it?

  2. have you go the story straight?

  3. Have you received their permission to share?



Please pray for the following individuals:

  • Don Blezek: double bypass surgery

  • Jim Petty: back surgery

  • Jeff & Jade Wiebold & Children

  • Mike Walters - recovering from hospitalization

  • Justin Gayer - brain cancer

  • Gail Petrson & family: Multiple Sclerosis

  • Diane Gray: chemeotherapy

  • Warren Robertson: patient at Bethany Lutheran Home, room 156

  • Chuck Smith: recovering from surgery

  • Jim Pratt (Holly Vinton's father): stage 4 colon cancer

  • Jennifer Williams: biopsy

  • Loran Sieck: Parkinsons disease

  • Margaret McKee: recovering from illness

  • Danielle Welcher: acute leukemia

  • Daniel Sealock: health concerns

  • John Crisley: recovering from viral encephalitis

  • Jeff Limerick: health concerns

  • Dana Deighton (Jim's sister-in-law): stage 4 cancer

  • Susie Begbie: health concerns

  • Connor Haufle (Mike & Beth Joyce's grandson): treatment for leukemia

  • Joy Belt: health concerns

  • Marian Rouse

  • Kent Herrman, Kris German, Steven & Melissa Hale, Ronny & Amber Boverhuis, Racheil Ryks; Stephen Begbie; Christopher Howell; Cody Griffin: military service

  • Janecke Family: Bolivia mission work

  • Scott & Angie Bentley: mission work with Cru

  • KC McGinnnis: mission work with Cru at U of Iowa

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